Read it & Make it: Scribble

The book Scribble by Ruth Ohi is an adorable book for little ones about 3 shapes that play together until one day a new ‘shape’ comes around, a scribble. They can’t see how the scribble could be fun, it’s so unlike them. No straight lines or angles! The shapes soon come to realize that Scribble is fun in his own way, and together they have a great time.


I read this with the kids, and we talked about the shapes, the colours and expressions on their faces.

After we read the story, we went over to the table and made our own scribbles! I duplicated the shapes and expressions and set out some purple crayons.


The kids set out to create their own scribbles and gluing down the shapes. A few of the kids remarked on the expressions. I heard “sad triangle” and “happy circle”!


Give this book + activity a try with your little ones!



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