Grass Hair Dudes

For lack of a better name…my kids have named these weird looking little plants “Grass Hair Dudes” so that’s that they shall be named from here on out!

I’ve seen several examples of these floating around the internet, but have no clue who to credit with the original idea. So I’ll just say, the idea is not mine, however the tutorial, photos, advice…is.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Stockings *thin like panty hose*. I buy the knee high ones because you can usually get 4 in a pack.
  • Soil. 1 bag was more than enough for all the kids.
  • Grass seed. I bought the cheapest bag that Walmart had and I still have 99% of it. You don’t need much. 
  • Googly eyes
  • Tiny rubber band
  • Spoons
  • Pipe cleaner (for the mouth, optional)
  • Hot Glue gun
  • A waterproof plate


  1. Start by having the kids scoop a few scoops of grass seed into their stockings. You may have to help them by holding open the top, so the seeds don’t fall everywhere.


2. Scoop the soil on top of the grass seeds. You want the seeds to stay at the bottom, so don’t shake it up. I found it helps to pat the bottom of the stocking on the table after every few scoops. This allows the soil to settle, and create a rounder shape.


3. You want the soil to be packed nice and tight in the stocking, So once your stocking is about the size of a baseball, tie a knot right above the soil level. Pull the knot nice and tight, you don’t want the soil falling out once you turn it over. The knotted part is the bottom of our dude, so flip him over.


4. On the front side (just choose a side…now that’s the front!), gather about a marble size amount of soil in your fingers, and tie it off with the small elastic band. You want to do this about 2/3 of the way down, so you still have room for the eyes.  This is the nose. Now trim off the excess stocking from the bottom.


5. Now he’s starting to take shape! Using the hot glue gun, glue the eyes right above the nose. Place your dude on the plate (I used Styrofoam here) and sprinkle with a generous amount of water. I even leave some water on the plate to be absorbed through the bottom. This is key to getting those first sprouts. I labelled ours with toothpicks, so I know which child made each one when it’s time to send them home.


6. Place them on a sunny windowsill and wait! They will start to sprout after a few days, and after a few weeks they will have a full head of crazy hair that’s ready for a trim!

Take a look at the one I made:


The kids had such a great time watching these grow and knowing that they made them themselves! Give this a try!


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