Read it & Make it: My Garden

Today’s book + activity is My Garden by Kevin Henkes.


This is a really fun book about a little girl and her garden. This is no ordinary garden though! You won’t find many fruits and vegetables in this garden, but you may come across seashells, chocolate bunnies, buttons and more!

Before reading this book with the kids, I went through it myself and gathered all of the fun things that one finds in this peculiar garden. I placed them all out on the table, for a helpful visual for the kids as we read along.

I created the ‘chocolate bunnies’ out of play dough

I also had a small bin of dirt to grow our garden. As I read along in the book, and each item was discussed, the kids took the item from the table and placed them in our own garden.

By the end of the book we had our own fun garden, that the kids made themselves.


This was a great lesson in taking turns and really held the little one’s attention, as they couldn’t wait to see what the next item in the garden would be.

I definitely recommend this book and activity for your littles, or even a group activity for a daycare or kindergarten!


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