Cat in the Hat Paper Bag Puppet

For Dr. Seuss week we made these Cat in the Hat Puppets. Of course, we read the book a few times first so the kids knew who the cat in the hat was!

cat in the hat puppet

The prep for this craft was super simple. Here’s what you need for each puppet:

  • a white paper bag
  • 3 strips of red paper, long enough to cover the bag horizontally
  • 6 thin, black strips of paper about 2-3 inches long
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 1 black button
  • black marker
  • liquid glue

I created mine alongside the kids. I don’t like to make a sample, then tell them that theirs must look like that. We create them together and it gives us a great opportunity to chat about what we’re doing. I’ll ask them questions like:

“Is our puppet going to look happy or sad?”

“How many whiskers should we put on him?”

The kids are able to place their items wherever they would like on the bag, after all different ages and stages will have completely different looking puppets. Take a look at how awesome the little one’s puppets turned out”

Age 3

Dr. Seuss week is one of my favourites. I love reading classic kids books and creating crafts and activities to go with them! See the Booktivity section of the site for more ideas like this!


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