Rainbow Squishy Bags

What kid wouldn’t love a squishy, slimy, colourful activity?!

This activity is super simple and great for teaching about colours and colour mixing.

Here’s how you make it:

1. Squeeze clear hair gel into a large ziplock bag, until about 1/2 to 2/3 full. You want to leave a bit of room in the bag to move the gel around. Do not skimp on the bag, buy a good quality bag, or the seams will tear…ask me how I know!

2. Drop in a few drops of each red, yellow and blue liquid food colouring. Make sure you scatter the drops throughout the bag, don’t concentrate them all in one spot.


3. Zip the bag shut and seal it with packing tape. Again… don’t skimp on the tape. I taped it over a few times. You don’t want the mess that will ensue should this concoction leak from the bag!

4. Let the little ones have at it! We talked about the colours we saw, and the colours we were making when we squished the primary colours together.



The kids think this is a fun, squishy activity but we know it’s so much more than that 😉



Give this fun activity a try with your little ones & get squishing!


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