Recycled Cardboard Bee Hives

I’ll be the first to admit… I love to throw stuff away! Unless, that is, I can use it for a craft. Then I hoard like it’s going out of style.

We (meaning me, and I dragged my husband 300+ km with me) went on a trip to Ikea. We loaded up on shelving and a bunch of other very necessary (wink) things. One of the interior packaging pieces was a chunk of cardboard with this honeycomb texture on it.


The mom and neat freak in me said “toss it!” but the crafter and daycare provider in me said “omg! we can use this when we do bumble bee crafts!” Guess which me won…

I grabbed some bumble bee stamps and unwrapped a yellow crayon. I slapped a sheet of printer paper on that cardboard and rubbed away!

It turned out AWESOME.



In the next few weeks the kids & I will be doing more and more spring crafts and activities. I can’t wait to have them try this. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram for the pics of how the kid’s hives turn out!




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