Insect Silhouettes


*This post is in no way affiliated with Cricut. A basic understanding of Cricut Design Space is helpful in creating these crafts*

Today I’m sharing a super easy way to create your own creepy crawly shadow puppets!

In Cricut Design Space, use cartridge “Dinosaur Tracks

I chose several insect images from that cartridge and inserted them onto a fresh canvas.


Note a few things about the images:

I have chosen to hide several layers. In order for these to be simple and work well, I wanted just a single cut. So on the right hand side, under “layers”, hide any unnecessary parts of the image.

All insects are synced to be the same colour (top right hand side, under sync). This way they can all be cut out on one or two 12×12 sheets of cardstock.

By having all images on the same canvas it’s easy to compare sizes and scale of the images. I chose to have them all approx. the same size.

Cut them out using your Cricut and adhere coffee stir sticks to the bottom.


Now shut off the lights and get these creepy crawlies crawling on your walls!


We had a great time with these!

Some questions to ask the kids:

  • What happens when we move the insect closer to the flashlight? Farther away?
  • Would you be frightened if bugs were really this big?
  • Which insect would win in a battle?
  • Do you think this insect crawls or flies?
  • What do you think these types of insects are called? Why?

Thanks for looking and be sure to share on Facebook for other crafty moms!



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