Making Play Money Last!

All kids love pretend money! Playing grocery store or restaurant isn’t complete without paying with play money.

However…. they destroy it so easily! I got tired of buying packs of pretend money just to have it ripped or crumpled the next day.


For Mother’s day last year I bought myself a laminator. Best. Purchase. Ever. I literally use this thing about twice a week. Pretty much anything that can go through it, does.

I filled up a bunch of laminator sheets with play money, ran them through the machine and trimmed around them. Let me tell you, the kids have been playing with the same set for almost a year. A year! I’ve saved so much time and aggravation by such a simple task.


Here are links to the Lamintor that I have, as well as the laminating sheets. *Affiliate links, but I do truly LOVE this laminator!*

Scotch Laminator

Laminating Sheets

Thanks for looking! Be sure to share the photo below on Facebook and Pinterest for other moms!


play money


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