Birthday Letter Hunt

Good morning!

Today is my youngest daughters 4th birthday, and I wanted to do a birthday themed bin for her. I picked up a few packages of curly ribbons at the dollar store and thought they would be perfect for this project!

Inexpensive bin filler thats both fun & bright!

I began by snipping the ribbons at the base of the staple that was connecting them to the package. It released the ribbons, and they were all separate now.

I stretched them out and separated them a bit.

On a sheet of paper I wrote out a message… HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE. Since the wooden letters I was using were all caps, I wrote it out in all caps to make it easier for the little ones to match them.


I hid the wooden letters HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE in with the curly ribbons and mixed them up.


I put this activity on the table and the girls loved it! They searched through the ribbon to find the letters and match them to the ones on the sheet.

You could change the message up to say anything, but for a birthday girl this was the perfect message!


Thanks for reading!

-Melissa 🙂

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