Our Worm Hunt

We woke up today to rain 😦 Not wanting to keep the girls inside all day, we waited for it to let up and headed out on a worm hunt!


We walked over to our local community garden and checked for any there…none.


We walked all around the block….none.

We stopped to splash in almost every puddle!

Sorry for the out of focus shot! These girls move fast! 🙂

We were about to turn down our street to come home and the girls wanted to go down one more street….lucky we did!

We found this huge one laying on the road.


We (meaning me!) picked him up as he tried to wiggle away and put him in our container of garden soil .We headed home to check him out.


We poured him and the soil into a bigger container to get a better look. The girls looked at his skin through the magnifying glass.

We decided he was probably hungry after his journey and they made him up some kitchen scraps for lunch.


To finish it off they gave him a name. After much consideration they decided on:

“Eyeball Worm”

A great name from some goofy girls!

Thanks for reading and share links to your own worm hunt in the comments!




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