DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can

I was browsing around on Pinterest and came across the most adorable idea! Someone had turned a recycled laundry detergent container into a gas can for their childs Cozy Coupe. How cute right!? I had to try this one for myself…

When my laundry detergent container was empty, I washed it out and left the lid off for it to dry. I cut 2 pieces of transportation themed scrapbook paper to fit over the labels on the container.


I used glossy Mod Podge to glue the paper to either side of the container. I spread a nice thick layer over top of the paper as well.


Once both sides were dry, I used letter stickers to write ‘GAS’ on either side. I had some plumbers tubing left over from another project (you never know when you’ll need it!) so I cut a slit in the lid of the container and fed the tube in it.

I used hot glue to ensure the tube couldn’t be pulled out as well as to cover and edges that might have been sharp. I also hot glued the lid onto the container, otherwise it would be filled up with rocks and sand in no time, not to mention the lid would be lost!

It turned out great and the girls absolutely love gassing up their cozy coupe!


Next time you have an empty detergent container think twice before tossing it out!

Thanks for looking and click below to share on Facebook with other parents that would love this idea!


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