Pasta Sensory Fun!

Todays sensory bin is a super easy set up and SO much fun for toddlers and preschoolers!

I took 3 different pasta shapes and coloured the largest one (rigatoni) using 5 different food colours.

I picked up a second-hand sand & water table from a local kids consignment shop. It was missing the umbrella and attachments so I got it pretty cheap.

I put the coloured pasta on one side and the plain on the other. I threw in some tongs, straws, containers, etc and let Kate at it.



She came up with so many creative ideas! Shes nearly 4, but her attention span will rival even my own!


We patterned long and short pasta on a shoelace.


She thought the orange rigatoni looked like hot dog buns. So she created a bunch of ‘hot dogs’!


She grabbed her mini muffin tray from her play kitchen and used the wagon wheels to make sandwiches. She was quite adamant these were NOT cupcakes!


We used the rainbow pipe cleaners from our Fruit Loop activity and she threaded the colours on the pipe cleaners.

All in all, this was a great bin. Set up was so easy and the pasta is reusable for other bins.

Thanks for looking and be sure to save on Pinterest for other sensory bin lovers!



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