Bundled Crayon Rainbow Drawings

Super simple activity coming to you today! This took all of 10 seconds to set up!

What you need:

  • White paper
  • Crayons in a bunch of different colours
  • rubber band

Gather the colours of crayons your child wants in their bundle. Wrap the rubber band around them and tap the ends of the crayons on the table to ensure they’re all going to be touching the paper.


Have your child hold the bundle whichever way they are comfortable. We found wrapping your hand around it from the top-down worked best for getting all the colours to hit the paper.

Use your colour bundle to create beautiful rainbows and swirls on the paper!


Kate’s turned out great! She loved how the colours swirled together!

*In hindsight, I would’ve taped the paper to the table. I had to hold it down, otherwise the paper kept moving with the crayons.*


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