Booktivity – My Garden

Good morning!

I’m starting a new feature on the blog! One of my favourite things to do with my littlest one is to read a book, and do an activity that goes along with it. This is a super popular concept among daycare and kindergarten classrooms.

I’m calling this new feature – Booktivity! (There are several other companies using this term…but it just fits so well as a book-activity theme!)

So, here it is! Our first Booktivity!

rainbow book

My Garden

The book I chose is called ‘My Garden’ by Kevin Henkes (ISBN: 978-0-06-171517-4).


This is an adorable book about a little girl who wants a garden just like her mom’s …with a few changes! She would add all sorts of interesting things to her garden to make it her own.

First, I assembled all of the items we would need for our garden:

  • A sensory bin filled with dirt (I used potting soil)
  • Fake flowers
  • Seashells
  • Umbrellas (we used the mini drink umbrellas)
  • A key
  • Jelly Beans (I used other small jelly-bean like candies)
  • Buttons
  • Chocolate bunnies (I made some from brown play-doh)
  • Butterfly toy
  • Bird toy (all I could find was an Angry Bird!)
  • Strawberry (I used a toy one from the play kitchen)
  • Red balloon, halfway blown up (for the giant tomato)



I lay all the items on the table and as Kate and I read, I would pause so she could add each item to the garden as they came up in the book. She loved it!

*This could easily be adapted for small groups of kids. Just give them each a few of the items to place in the bin*


At the end of the book we had a silly garden just like in the story! Kate dug in and reorganized everything and planted the flowers.


Head to your local library to check out this book and create your own silly garden!

Thanks for looking and click below to share with other parents & educators that love booktivities!


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