Halloween Zombie S.T.E.M Activity

A zombie apocalypse takes over stores every fall! When I saw a pack of gummy zombies at the local dollar store, I scooped them up.

The girls have been into science and experiments lately, so I took this opportunity to do a fun, zombie experiment.

Set up a tray with glasses, and fill them with liquids with varying acidity levels. The liquids we chose were water, milk, white vinegar, Coke, and pineapple juice. I explained to the girls about water and acidity and how it can eat away at certain substances (especially gelatin).

Label each of the glasses.

Set up 5 glasses of liquids with varying ph levels.

We dropped 1 zombie into each glass and noted the time. We set the timer for 1 hour. We took that time to ask the girls what they thought was going to happen to the zombies, and which liquid they thought would work best for their predictions.

They had a great time looking at how funny the zombies looked through the glass!

After 1 hour we checked on our zombies! I asked them for their observations and they noticed that the Coke had started to form a chunky film on top and the white vinegar also had a light film on top.

We lifted out each one using tongs, to get a look at what had happened so far.

The zombie in the milk and the water had not changed much at all. The zombie in the Coke, however, was the grossest! We lifted the zombie out of the pineapple juice and it was noticeably thinner.

We decided to leave the zombies and check them again at 6 hours. Asking a child to wait 6 hours for anything takes a brave, brave mother. They must’ve checked on our zombies every 5 minutes!

Finally at the 6 hour mark, we thought they had decomposed enough to remove them.

Here’s the results:


In order of liquid they were soaked in:

Pineapple juice, milk, water, coke, white vinegar.

It was obvious that the pineapple juice had done the most damage! The zombie pretty much fell apart when we tried to remove it! The water and white vinegar zombies had also decomposed quite a bit!

The girls were surprised to see that the green zombie, from the glass of milk, had barely changed at all.

They had a great time feeling the gooey zombies, and promptly turned down Mikes offer of $10 to whoever would eat one!

Give this Halloween experiment a try! What liquids would you use?



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