Halloween Craft Stick Faces

Halloween is coming up quick, and we are getting right into the crafts!

I do have a lot of store bought decorations, but the ones that are my very favourite are the ones made by little hands!

One evening I set out some glue and popsicle sticks and asked the girls to make a bunch of squares by adhering a bunch of sticks vertically, along 2 horizontal sticks. We let them dry overnight (If your kids are glue-happy like mine…trust me, they’ll need a night to dry!)

The next day while they were at school, I set everything out to do our craft.

It’s always easier for me to set up before they get home!

I set out paint, eyeballs and glue.

They set to work creating each character. A Frankenstein, a witch, a ghost and a jack o’lantern! Kate (3 years old) pretty much glued a bunch of eyes to globs of wet paint…but she had a ball doing it!


Try this activity with your little ones, they’ll love it!


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-Melissa πŸ™‚


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