Patchwork Pumpkin Craft

This craft is great for kids of all ages! I had my girls (8, 7 & 3) doing this together and they all loved it.

Here’s how to set up this patchwork pumpkin craft!

Set out a tray with paper cut into small squares (these are about 1″). You want almost all orange, some black and a bit of green. I used leftover scrapbook paper, I love the look of using paper with a bunch of different patterns!

You’ll also need white paper (we used 8″x8″) and some glue sticks.


I instructed the girls to beginย by gluing down the orange scraps in a circle, then using the green paper for a stem and the black paper for a face. Could not be more simple!

Even with the age difference of the girls they all did a great job, and had lots of fun.


Hover above the images above to see the ages of the kids that made each pumpkin!

Thanks for looking and click the links below to share!



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