Orange & Celery Pumpkin Painting

Paintbrushes are great and all but they get a tad boring to a 3 year old after a while. Kate & I were stuck in the house today, it’s pouring, and she. is. bored.

Painting is pretty much a cure-all for boredom with Kate so painting it was. It’s almost fall and we wanted to paint pumpkins!

I’ve seen the apple print painting, and the potatoes too, but as a mom and a blogger I was after something original. That’s when I spotted the bag of oranges (clementines to be exact!) on the counter, more than we could eat before they went bad so oranges it was!

I grabbed an orange and a stalk of celery. I cut the top off of the orange (you could cut it in half, but if you just cut off the top it’s easier for little hands to grasp) and cut a chunk of celery. I squeezed a bit of orange and green paint on to plates and my set up was done. I LOVE projects with minimal set up!


Kate got straight to work using the oranges and celery to create pumpkins on her page!


Here’s how they turned out:

Pumpkins painted with clementines and celery!

Such a great activity and will look great hung up as fall decor!

Thanks for looking!




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