image Fall Leaves Faux Stained Glass

Hi crafters!

I love the look of stained glass style tissue paper art, and it’s a great craft to get the kids doing! I’ve mostly seen these types of craft in the spring, usually rainbows, but fall colours can be just as pretty!

Here’s our fall version of this craft!

And here’s how to make it:

1. Using my Cricut (you can hand cut as well, I’m just lazy that way!) I cut out these 4 leaf shapes on brown cardstock.

2. Lay the leaf on top of a piece of clear contact paper or one-sided self laminating paper. Cut a rough area around the leaf just to make it easier to work with.

3. Peel the backing off the contact paper and lay your leaf down. The side you want showing, facing downwards. Replace the backing on top of your leaf and flip it over.

Using a credit card or something similar, rub it over the leaf cutout to ensure the contact paper sticks and to remove any air bubbles.

4. With the backing still on (if you remove it you’ll have a big sticky mess!) trim around the edge of the leaf, leaving no border.

5. Remove the paper backing and place your leaf sticky side up. Now you’re ready to lay down your tissue paper!

Cut up small squares in the colour of your choice. For fall, obviously we went with red, orange and yellow.

6. Lay your tissue paper squares onto the sticky part of the contact paper, overlapping here and there.

7. Trim the edges so no tissue paper sticks out on the sides. Flip it over and you’re done!

To hang them I simply taped (make sure to use clear tape!) some fishing line to the back and hung them in the window! The light shining through make such an awesome effect!

Please feel free to share, and show your own tissue paper stained glass crafts in the comments!



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