Erupting Volcano Cupcakes!

How to make
Make an icing explosion your kids will love!

What kid doesn’t love volcanoes! We’ve all seen the baking soda & vinegar in many forms,  the play doh volcanoes and the many, many volcano crafts out there . Charlotte asked if we could make volcano cupcakes during summer vacation, sounded like a cute idea!

She had found a recipe in a book at school that included melting hard candies, and coating the cupcake in orange icing, then using the melted hard candy as lava on top. Sounded cute…but I though something interactive would be much more fun!

My baker wheels started turning and I came up with an erupting idea I thought they’d love! Check out this clip of our erupting volcano cupcakes!


I did the first one to show the girls how to do it, and they did their own. Let’s start with what you need:

Chocolate Cupcake
Everything you need to make erupting volcano cupcakes!
  1. Use the apple corer to remove a chunk of the center of the cupcake. You might as well let the kids eat that chunk! You can try and delay the sugar rush but its a futile effort!


2. Cover the cupcake in chocolate icing.


3. Sprinkle the crushed m&m’s over the cupcake, press them into the icing to stay put!


Now for the royal icing. You want it to be pretty thin. If you hold the piping bag downwards, it should slowly come out of the tip. I used a Wilton #12. I painted red food colour up the sides of the piping bag to get streaks of red on the icing.

I first attempted this using the grass tip. I figured the icing would come shooting out in small strands and be more exciting. I could not have been more wrong! I squeezed the bag and the smallest amount of icing squirted out of the tip about a centimeter upwards. very anti-climactic. Stick with a round tip!

Hold your cupcake in your hand, and put the piping bag, tip upwards, into the bottom of the cupcake. Get ready to squeeze as hard as you can while the kids count down! On the count of 3, give that bag a big ol’ squeeze and watch the royal icing shoot out the top of the cupcake!

Here’s the girl with the idea enjoying her volcano cupcake!


….and here’s what my table looked like when we were done!


Have fun making your own eruption…and giant mess!



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