Colourful Toddler Play with Play-Doh Lids!

Home made or store bought, my girls love play doh! Every once in a while the mega packs of Play-Doh go on sale at Toys R Us and we’ll pick one up, and family will often give Play-Doh as gifts, which means TONS of Play-Doh containers!

My older girls (8 & 6) are responsible for cleaning up after themselves when they play, but this means when I take the Play-Doh out again some of it is dried out. I started  washing the lids and putting them aside. After a while, I had amassed a giant collection of these colourful circles, different shades and sizes!

These make for a great learning tool and toy for babies and toddlers. They’re large enough that an older baby can’t choke on them, and toddlers & preschoolers will have a great tool for learning about colour recognition, sizes, stacking. I got a plain cardboard box, cut out a bunch of slots and painted different colours around the edges. It’s perfect for dividing the colours into groups and putting them in the slots.

A cardboard box and recycled Play-Doh lids is all you need for a simple and cheap fine motor activity!

One of our toddlers favourite games, as we like to call it is “Put stuff…in other stuff” , and this was perfect for her!

Practice stacking and concentration by stacking Play-Doh Lids!
We used the Play-Doh lids to learn about colours and different shades!
Play-Doh comes in different size containers. Here, we sorted them by big and small.

What would you do with a box of recycled Play-Doh lids?

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