Upcycle Spice Rack Into Sensory Bottle Carousel


I am so excited about this upcycle! Sensory bottles are in no way a new concept, although they’ve exploded in popularity more recently. My 3 year old daughter, Kate, loves the sensory bottles at the play group I take her to, so I thought I’d give it a try and make her some of her own!

When browsing my local thrift shop I came across this spinning spice rack with all 20 bottles and was in pretty good shape. I knew the second I saw it that it was exactly what I needed for this project! The best part..It cost only $5!


Thrift Shop Spice Rack

First thing I did was take off the lids and soak the bottles and lids in soapy water and cleaned them all up. I cleaned the rack itself, then dried everything. I set to work to find things to fill them with. 20 bottles didn’t sound like a lot but near the end I was struggling to not be repetitive. Here are some of the item I filled the bottles with:

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7bd057de-3e53-45ee-98d9-53d91adb8679  a40b6cdd-e057-43e9-8687-bdb6d8650f69  f39c3e6f-05d6-40f0-aa58-edeaa9de13df.jpg

The goal was to find items that would create different sounds, were different shapes and colours and to find some that were nature themed. Kate spent a good chunk of time taking the bottles in and out of the carousel.

After I filled the bottles, I hot glued the tabs at the top of the bottles shut. Before I screwed the tops on, I ran some hot glue around the inside rim of the lid. Mike and myself both tried to get the lids off and the tabs open at the top and we could not, so we were confident that Kate wouldn’t be able to either.

We spent time testing them to see which ones made loud noises and which ones were quieter. We talked about the different colours, and the different sizes of some of the items. She loved shaking the green monster bottle to make the eyes move! We lifted them to see which ones were light (The pasta and the buttons were light), and which were heavy (The nuts and bolts were heavy).

Spice rack upcycled into sensory bottle holder

You can fill your bottles with whatever you like! Please share your ideas in the comments!

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