Garden Sensory Bin

My 3 year old daughter, Kate, loves sensory bins! I plop her down on the table with her little pink bin and she’s entertained for hours. She’ll often take a break for a few minutes but always goes right back to her bin.

I try my best to keep my cost low, and use things that will serve a purpose in a different theme. My permanent collection of sensory bin tools includes scoops, cups, shovels, funnels, etc. I pick up a ton of things for her sensory bins at yard sales. They are a great place to find cheap materials, that you wont mind tossing after they get grimy.

It’s been raining here for 3 days, so I thought this would be the perfect time to bring a little spring inside!

A garden themed bin provides a great place for little ones to get creative and get their hands very dirty!

A garden sensory bin

I picked up most of these things at the local dollar store. Fake flowers are inexpensive and can be reused, I got 2 small bags of soil for dirt cheap (sorry! I had to say it!), it was $1.25 for both bags. The lady bugs and leaves came in a bag of about 50, and I picked them up at a yard sale last year for $0.10!

Everything you need for a garden sensory bin

I keep our bins out for about 2 days before I wash everything up to be reused, and toss what can’t.

Have you ever made a garden sensory bin? What are your favourite garden themed items to add?



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