The #1 Play Dough Tool My Kids Can’t Live Without!


Store bought or homemade, my kids love play dough! They can sit for hours at the table creating architectural masterpieces and culinary creations that would rival the best of the worlds best play dough chefs.

I often create cakes for my kids, family and friends and my girls love to watch and taste test as I work.  They refer to the fondant I use as “Mommy’s play dough”. So naturally they are interested in the tools I’m using, which is my Wilton gum paste tool set. I won’t let them use my cake decorating tools, for obvious food safety reasons, and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a set of their own since they’d probably end up broken in the next play dough brawl.

Not long after the last cake I made I was in the kitchen aisle at Dollarama and came across a set of these cake decorating tools. They are not Wilton quality by any means but I knew they were exactly what I needed for my girls. The best part…..they cost $1.50! I couldn’t believe it. $1.50, and it came with 8 tools, double sided, for a total of 16 different tips!

16 tip cake decorating set from Dollarama

I set out these tools with some cookie cutters, birthday candles and a rolling pin and they go to town creating masterpieces I would be proud to have stand next to mine!

*One small safety note: The tips are removable, it takes a bit of strength to pull them off but kids can be quite strong so these may not be appropriate for younger children.

I set the cake decorating tools out with some play dough, a rolling pin, cookie cutters and birthday candles!

Do your kids have their own favourite play dough tools? Let us know in the comments below!

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