Shopkins Kooky Cookie Craft!

Kooky Cookie

Hello Shopkin fans!

Last October I threw my daughter a Shopkins themed party for her 6th birthday. Since then the popularity of Shopkins has exploded and themed party goods are everywhere. That was not the case last year! I had to get creative when it came to decor and activities!

One of the activities we did was making our own Kooky Cookie! The girls all had a great time and loved the treat they got to take home! Here’s how I did this:

Set up a table with a disposable table cloth and the following items:

  •  Fresh cookies! I used the package from the grocery store that you can usually find in the bakery. The cookies are large, fresh and have big chocolate chunks
  • A piping bag filled with pink icing and fitted with a small hole tip.
  • A small bowl of white icing with a few popsicle sticks for spreading.
  • Edible eyeballs. These are available at most craft stores, and are becoming more commonly found in grocery store baking sections.
  • Pink gummy candies (these are for the feet, any plain pink candy will do)
  • Small white candy (These are for the nose. I used candy pearls, but any small white candy will do)
  • Blue Food Writer (These edible ink markers are found in the baking section of your local craft store)
Everything you need to make your own Kooky cookie!

To make the Cookies:

  • Have the kids take a bite out of the top right corner of the cookie. They loved that part!
  • Use the blue food writer to draw on the eyeball candies (The ink may take a minute to dry)
  • Spread some white icing onto the back of the eyeballs and stick them on the cookie.
  • Spread some white icing onto the nose candy and place it under the eyes
  • Using the pink icing, pipe on a smile
  • Spread white icing onto the pink feet candies and place them at the bottom of the cookie.

There you have it! Your very own Kooky Cookie!

We did this activity as the first one of the party so the cookies had time to dry before they were packaged up to take home.

I had cookie sheets lined with parchment paper already prepared and a sharpie close by. As the kids finished their cookie, I placed it on the baking sheet and wrote their name underneath it. This was helpful later in determining whose was whose, as they’ll all look pretty much the same.

Each child already had a goody bag set aside, so later on, after the cookies had dried and the kids were occupied with another activity, I snuck away and placed each cookie in a clear plastic baggie and put it in their goody bag to take home.

I hope you enjoy making your own Kooky Cookie!



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