Sparkly, Strawberry Valentines Play Doh!

Kids love Valentines day! Handing out their cards to their classmates, stuffing their little faces with sugar, and being fawned over by their parents…..what’s not to love! For Kate, I thought she’d love some sparkly pink play doh. This recipe is super easy, inexpensive and comes together in under 10 minutes. What more could you ask for!? Here’s the recipe:

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Craft Stick Spiderwebs

We’re continuing our Halloween crafting with craft stick spiderwebs. Here’s what you need: Craft sticks White yarn White glue Black Paint Toothpick Glue 2 craft sticks in an x, with a dot of glue in the middle. Make 2 of those, and glue one on top of the other, like the photo above. Cut a fairly long length of white yarn (about

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